Making Minds : Digital Maker Education for Literacies Learning with Bi/Multicultural Youth

Janette Hughes, Canada Research Chair in Technology and Pedagogy and Principal Investigator [Ontario Tech University]
Michelle Schira Hagerman and Megan Cotnam-Kappel Collaborators [University of Ottawa]

Supported by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Grant #43520171019

This research project [2017-2021] focuses on the literacies practices of 10-12 year-old students as they participate in digital and physical maker activities at school.


Hagerman, M.S., Turner, J.-A., & Cattani, A. (2020, December 2). Collaborative Digital Video Production in Community as Sociocultural Wayfiding for Bi/Multilingual Children. In W.I.O’Byrne (Chair) Beyond Screentime: Developing STEM and Maker Literacies with Youth and Teens [Symposium]. Literacy Research Association 70th Annual Conference [Virtual]. Link to Video. Link to Slides. Link to One-Page Overview. Link to Full Working Draft (in progress).

Hagerman, M.S., Beach, P., Cotnam-Kappel, M. & HĂ©bert, C. (2020). Multiple perspectives on digital literacies methods in Canada. International journal of e-learning and distance education. International Journal of E-Learning and Distance Education, 31(1).

Hagerman, M.S. & Cotnam-Kappel, M. (2019). Making as embodied learning: Rethinking the importance of movement for learning with digital and physical tools. Education Review, 6(2), 1-3. Retrieved from

Hagerman, M.S., Cotnam-Kappel, M., Turner, J.-A., & Hughes (in press). Literacies in the Making: Exploring elementary students’ digital-physical meaning-making practices while crafting musical instruments from recycled materials. Technology, Pedagogy and Education. Link to pre-print version.