#digiURI Cool Tools Session

I’m gearing up to present a few sessions at the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy at the University of Rhode Island. One of the “Cool Tools” sessions that I’ll host will feature Evernote as a scaffold for online inquiry. Thanks to the amazing work of colleagues and students at Ruth Fox Elementary School, I’ll be able to ground the discussion of Evernote in a real project, designed for and by real students. Students at Ruth Fox created Wonderopolis-inspired Wonders as part of their summer learning experiences. To gather, curate and annotate the information they found as they did online research, they used Evernote.

Here are a few resources that I’ll be sharing during this session:

Student Work: Links to Wonders Created by 5th Graders

Introduction to Evernote: An introductory video that shows basic workflow using Evernote


Slideshow: My PowerPoint Presentation

[slideshare id=24206183&doc=evernotecooltoolsdigiuri-130713134229-phpapp02]