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  • Online, is stopping or going more important?

    I’ve got another dissertation insight to share. As I’ve analyzed the thoughts that treatment participants shared in response to the questions and scaffolding that I provided during their “practice sessions,” I’m seeing that my questions, more than anything, provided space for them to stop, think and reflect. Whether this is a “good” thing in terms […]

  • Integrative Density

    Another dissertation insight post. I’ve been thinking a great deal about how to measure or index integration of ideas that students have read about from multiple, multi-modal Internet texts. I’ve developed a rubric for my dissertation study. It’s fine. Like any first draft, it could surely be better but for now, it will have to […]

  • Do we cite our sources?

    This is the first in a series of “dissertation insight” posts that I plan to record in this space. I hope the insights generate some discussion and also turn into words (very soon) that look like a publishable piece of work! Miss, do we cite our sources? Prompted by (a) a series of students who […]

  • Planning for a Dissertation

    This is no news to any of you who have a PhD. And yet, I feel compelled to state the obvious. It takes a lot of planning to pull it off. Just now, I’ve made a list of things that I will need to provide each dyad of students who participate in my study. The […]