Witches’ Fingers and Pumpkin Carvings

It’s two days after Halloween…but as long as there is left-over candy in that bowl, I figure it’s still fair game to post photos…

It just so happened that the Hagerman family was scheduled to bring the classroom snack on Halloween. Now, generally, I send in apples, crudités, granola…that kind of thing. But, I’ve had this recipe for about 15 years…and I figured this was my chance to give it a go. Could there be a better occasion for witches’ fingers than the 2nd grade halloween party? Much to my delight, the kids who were brave enough to try them generally thought they tasted pretty yummy! The others seemed rather skeptical about the green goo oozing out from under the fingernail…which offered its own kind of ghoulish delight on Halloween — the kids were a little freaked out by them! [insert ghastly cackle here…bwaaahhhhhh]

We also carved some jack-o-lanterns to ward off the witches and ghosts. I really do love the pumpkin carving tradition!