Planning for a Dissertation

This is no news to any of you who have a PhD.

And yet, I feel compelled to state the obvious. It takes a lot of planning to pull it off.

Just now, I’ve made a list of things that I will need to provide each dyad of students who participate in my study.

The list looks something like this.

For each participant in CONTROL:

  • snacks
  • computer for paired reading (MacBook Pro & Sony Vaio)
  • Morae recorder on paired reading computer (MacBook Pro Windows side & Sony Vaio)
  • computer mice — just in case it’s easier for students
  • external harddrive
  • power cords for computers & hard drives
  • extension cords
  • paper & pens
  • audio (backup) recorder
  • 2nd computer for individual writing activity (MacBook Air & Old Macbook)
  • gmail accounts for login to google docs
  • survey for background knowledge on topic for each student
  • paper & pens for writing notes
  • instruction sheet with reading prompt
  • control version of screencast
  • instruction sheet with labelling/naming convention for writing (including secret codes)
  • manilla envelopes in which to put all notes/survey etc. at end of session


  • All of the above…
  • + 2 transparency sheets for each participant
  • + 2 sharpies (black & another colour) for writing on transparencies
  • + treatment version of instructional screencast

I’ve decided to buy a rolling cart to keep my four computers, paper, pens, extension cords, files etc. all together.
Any recommendations from teachers who roll around books/supplies re: what type of cart I should buy?