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Emergency remote instruction in Ontario continues to fail our students, teachers and families

I used to think that online education held great possibility for the democratization of access to information, and for the provision of schooling “anytime, anywhere” to learners who — for a host of complex reasons — needed flexibility. Thinking back to “the before times” I used to love teaching online. I loved the way that …

Safer by Design : A call for teaching practices that empower young people to become more connected, critical and compassionate digital participants

It has never been more important to consider how we are centring connection in our work in Education. In this keynote talk, I offer some insights on how we might centre connection, critique and compassion in the work we do, systemically in schools to support learners. Resilience is a complex and multifaceted process — and …

The CHENINE Charter Priorities for Education Futures : A Presentation for Kinsale Community School

Directed by Dr. Andy Hargreaves, CHENINE is an interdisciplinary research collaboratory at the University of Ottawa, focused on articulating and advancing action that aligns with a set of principles and priorities for Education futures. As a member of CHENINE, I was invited this week to present the CHENINE charter and points of important synergy between …