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Michigan Council of Social Studies Conference – Michelle Schira Hagerman

Michigan Council of Social Studies Conference

My colleague, Paul Morsink, and I are teaming up today to talk to Social Studies teachers in Michigan about online inquiry, the construction of meaning across multiple, multimodal Internet texts, and the use of web-based tools that could support metacognition and (we hope) development of online inquiry processes. We feel like our talk could be a day-long event. However, we’ve built a two-hour session that will get teachers thinking about the complexities of inquiry and the wide array of complex strategies that students must bring to bear as they construct an integrated understanding of a topic from many texts, online. #mcss13 and #metamin [for the metacognitive minute reflections]

Michigan Council of Social Studies


Our Presentation [click title to download the .pdf of presentation slides]

Revamping Social Studies Inquiry for the 21st Century: New Challenges, New Opportunities


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