How to embed a Twitter Timeline on a Google Site

I had a tweet from a student last night asking for “quick tips” on how to embed a Twitter feed on a Google site. As a teacher candidate in a school using Google apps for education, I am sure her choice to use Google sites to “integrate more tech” was, at least in part, driven by the tools available to her in her teaching context. This is fundamental to the work that classroom teachers do with tech — we must always come to understand what we can do to support student learning with what we’ve got. I was thrilled to receive the question (evidence of emergent TPACK!) and wanted to help. But of course, I had no idea how to do this.

My go-to strategy is always to just Google a solution. And, as luck would have it, I found a terrific tutorial at Monkey Raptor. Using the code and the tips provided there (thank you, Monkey Raptor!) I was able to successfully embed a Twitter timeline widget on the Google Site that I recently built to support our edtech initiatives in the Teacher Education program at the University of Ottawa. And, I created a screencast to show how I did it. Lots of little steps along the way — but I hope that others can benefit from this little how-to video.

One thing to know, you can create a timeline widget like the one I created for aTwitter handle too – you just have to select “profile” and then “handle” when you create the Twitter widget rather than “search”. Since this is a community site, I chose to embed the timeline of our community hashtag #UOttawaEDU but if you’re integrating a timeline on a classroom or professional portfolio site, then it would make more sense to integrate tweets by you or by your class using your @handle 🙂

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