CSSE-SCÉÉ19: Layered literacies practices during a Maker activity

À la conférence de la Société canadienne pour l’étude de l’éducation à Vancouver, ma collègue Julie-Anne Turner et moi présenterons nos recherches collaboratives, faites avec Megan Cotnam-Kappel et Janette Hughes, sur les dimensions des littératies observées au cours d’une activité Bricoleur. Voici les diapos où nous résumons notre projet.

The working draft of this article is available for download here.

Suggested citation: Hagerman, M.S., Turner, J-A., Cotnam-Kappel, M. & Hughes, J.M. (2019). Layers of online reading, research and multimodal synthesis practices while Making: A descriptive study of three fifth-grade students [draft]. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Society for Studies in Education (Vancouver, Canada). Retrieved from http://mschirahagerman.com/2019/06/05/csse-scee19-layers-of-online-reading-research-and-multimodal-synthesis-practices-while-making-a-descriptive-study-of-three-fifth-grade-students/

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