In a click: Podcast with Jamilee Baroud

I had the chance to meet up with Jamilee Baroud this week to record an episode for her new Podcast called In a Click. Jamilee is an up-and-coming superstar in the ed-tech/critical digital literacies research community and it has been such a privilege to work with her during her PhD program at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Education. Here’s our conversation — 40-ish minutes of us talking about technologies, research, teaching and learning, deep fakes, embodied cognition, VR, makerspaces…and my first ever research project that helped me to reflect deeply on the complexities of digital technologies, teaching and learning. It as a lot of fun to do this — and I feel really lucky to have been invited onto Jamilee’s show.

I hope you will join me in following Jamilee’s work at In a Click as she shines light online.

One response to “In a click: Podcast with Jamilee Baroud”

  1. Hi Michelle,

    I really enjoyed listening to this podcast (and I definitely miss being your student).
    My school is building a maker space ( ) and I am getting excited to incorporate it into my teaching. I would love to be able to connect and pick your brain on some ideas to enhance my Grade 2 students’ learning through some maker space projects!!
    Thanks for sharing this podcast!

    -Lianna Krantzberg

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