#AISLsi14 At the Center of IT All: Scaffolding Advanced Information Literacies for K-12 Students in School Libraries

I’m thrilled to be presenting at the Association of Independent School Librarians’ Summer Institute at John Burroughs School in St. Louis, MO. Already, this evening, I had such terrific conversations with colleagues over tapas and sangria about the importance of information literacies at every level of curriculum and in every discipline. I think it’s going to be a great day tomorrow, full of engaged learning and professional collaboration.

Slides in .pdf format here.


AISL Summer Institute 2014-References

Association of Independent School Librarians Summer Institute

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It’s not even Christmas yet, but the executive committee of the Association of Independent School Librarians, as one might expect, take event planning and the organization of details to unprecedented heights. It’s November 14 and they’ve already launched their website advertising their Summer Institute. I’m pretty excited about this because (a) I’ll be joining them as their workshop leader and (b) I’m designing their two-day workshop too! #dreamjob

Check out the site — and if you’re an independent school librarian or know one, I’d love to meet you in St. Louis! True, I’m not Judy Garland [no one has ever invited me to sing any where] BUT I do¬† love to think with smart and committed educators about student learning, digital literacies, and teaching.

I’m just so excited about this.

Thank you AISL for the invitation!