Cult of Makes Me a Better Teacher is a rich and powerful information resource for teachers at every stage of their career, which is why it makes me a better teacher. I like to think I remember the details of every stage of my own career — how it felt to be new to this profession, the questions I asked, and the skills I had to work to develop. But the truth is, teaching has become so much a part of who I am that even though I study it, and have incredibly nuanced academic ways to deconstruct¬†teaching practice, every time I read CultofPedagogy, my inner voice says, “Oh ya, I totally forgot about that” or “Oh, I hadn’t thought of that” or “Yes. I really need to take note of that and share it with others.” The curated collection of ideas, resources, and recommendations for instructional practices at this site make it a valuable resource for me — at a glance, I can see ideas that relate to many aspects of my practice.

The site’s founder and principle author, Jennifer Gonzalez is a teacher. On her About page, she writes, “With this site, I hope to create what I did not have myself: a vibrant, encouraging, stimulating community of teachers, supporting each other toward excellence.” Her posts are informative. She focuses on what is possible. She provides access to practical knowledge and is incredibly thoughtful in the way that she makes explicit connections to curriculum, to methods of assessment and to theories of teaching and learning.

As a reader of the site, I often wonder how Jennifer sources ideas for her Blog posts and how much time she spends researching the posts she writes, gathering the multimedia to support the post, and positioning the post in a way that will engage her audience. The site definitely inspires me to reconsider the ways that I position posts I write for teachers on my own blog.

New Teachers, this is a resource that you will not want to miss! Bookmark it. Now. Really.


Listen to Jennifer explain how to pronounce the word Pedagogy on her homepage. Definitely worth a listen.

[Screenshot: How do you say “Pedagogy”;, Jennifer Gonzalez]