Teachers Teaching Teachers @UOttawaEdu

The final week of the teacher education program is upon us at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Education — and it is punctuated by a two-day series of professional learning seminars for teacher education candidates. I’ll be presenting to a group of students today on online inquiry. My presentation brings together some of my current thinking and understanding on this issue. The presentation starts by framing the importance of online inquiry for today’s learners. It provides a few facts to frame our thinking about the complexities of the digital literacies landscapes our learners must navigate. It offers some research on the strategies that expert online readers and researchers use as they construct an integrated understanding of a topic using multiple information sources. It provides some information on teaching methods that have been shown to support, at least in part, the development of fundamental online inquiry strategies.

Most importantly, I hope the session prompts students to generate their questions about digital literacies, and gets them thinking critically about how to support digital literacies learning through their own teaching practices.

Here is the link to the presentation: http://bit.ly/onlineinquiry

International Reading Association Pre-Conference Institute #IRA14

On Friday, May 9th, I’ll be presenting a round-table session as part of the Pre-Conference Institute entitled, Intentional Teaching with Technology to Increase Understanding, Empathy and Engagement. I’ll have thoughts to share about what I learn at the institute myself, but for now, I’m posting the resources that I have prepared for attendees at my session.

My session is called, Synthesis of Multiple Texts: Exploring Activities and Research that can Inform Intentional Teaching.

Please download the materials for the session here:

.pdf of Instruction that Supports Synthesis of Multiple Texts
[updated May 8, 3 pm]